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The advisory board structure comprises of eight separate parties,

including the Independent Monitor

The advisory board structure – which is made up of six advisory boards as well as a "Seller Representative" and the Independent Monitor - has been designed to ensure that local boards are making decisions that affect local communities. This shows how the voice of local people is seen as being incredibly important. See the latest available list of Advisory Board members. 

Dogwood Health Trust, the Seller Representative, is responsible for enforcing HCA's compliance with certain obligations it agreed to when it purchased Mission Health System. The Independent Monitor provides advice to Dogwood Health Trust relating to those compliance matters. 

In addition, there are six advisory boards: A Local Advisory Board for each of the five regional hospitals (Blue Ridge, Transylvania, Angel, Highlands-Cashiers, McDowell) and another Advisory Board for Mission Hospital, CarePartners and all other services. In summary, the advisory boards are primarily responsible for evaluating and approving modifications to HCA’s commitments, receiving and evaluating HCA’s Reports, and resolving certain disputes. The Independent Monitor provides advisory services to the six advisory boards on such matters, and in limited circumstances the Independent Monitor shares responsibility with Local Advisory Boards to evaluate requests to modify

HCA’s commitments.

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