There are 15 Commitments that fall under the scope of the Independent Monitor

As part of HCA’s acquisition of Mission Health System in January 2019, the contract required HCA to make certain commitments to ensure the people of Western North Carolina continued to have access to high quality health care.

Our role as Independent Monitor is to help determine on an ongoing basis if HCA, as required in its agreement, executes its commitments which include, but are not limited to: keeping major Mission Health facilities open, continuing to provide certain key services, continuing policies for uninsured and charity care, and making significant capital investment in promised projects and programs.



What Issues Do We Monitor and How Are They Governed?


For more information, see Links and Information for a copy of the Gibbins Advisors slide presentation from its initial community meetings in Western North Carolina held in January/February 2020, and the North Carolina Attorney General's Overview of DOJ Review of Mission/HCA Transaction.

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