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Attorney-General meetings

We meet quarterly with the office of the North Carolina Attorney-General to discuss issues related to HCA's compliance with its commitments in the Asset Purchase Agreement. Dogwood Health Trust also participates in these meetings in its role as Seller Representative.


In addition to our quarterly meetings, we maintain an open dialogue with the Attorney-General's office to discuss issues that may arise in between our scheduled meetings.

Upcoming meetings with the Attorney-General's office:

December 20, 2023 (rescheduled from original December 5th date)

Your voice is very important to our work and we encourage you to get in touch with any comments or feedback. Please contact us.


For media inquiries, please contact

Prior Meetings

From August 2023, the materials to support and document the quarterly meetings held with the Attorney General's office regarding HCA's Compliance with the Asset Purchase Agreement for Mission Health System are provided on our website.

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