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What We Do with Information

We Receive from the Public

Your voice is very important to our work. We receive comments and feedback from multiple sources and every piece of information helps us to evaluate HCA’s compliance with its commitments.


Our process for what we do with information we receive from you is laid out in the below illustration. We log your concerns, follow up for more information if necessary, evaluate the issues against HCA’s commitments and consider the information in our advice to Dogwood Health Trust. If we find potential non-compliance, we follow the prescribed process in the asset purchase agreement.


Periodically we share the log of communications  we receive from the public with HCA / Mission Health (with personal identifiers redacted), so that HCA / Mission Health is aware of community concerns and can take action to address them. We have updated our contact form so that you can elect to share your contact information with HCA / Mission Health so that they can follow up and address specific complaints that fall outside the purview of the Independent Monitor.


You also have the option to contact HCA / Mission Health directly using a special purpose email address in the event you have feedback you would like to communicate directly to HCA / Mission Health. For clarity, we note that the Independent Monitor will not receive emails sent to the HCA email address provided since the account is managed by HCA / Mission Health.

What We Do with Information We Receive from the Public

What we do with information we receive f
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